Salesforce Partner Program

What type of formal partnerships can I have with Salesforce?

In the Salesforce Partner Program, we support ISV Partners, Consulting Partners, Product Development Outsources (PDOs) and Resellers.

What are the benefits of becoming an AppExchange ISV partner?

The AppExchange Partner Program is all about helping ISVs with impactful benefits to drive toward your business goals. As part of the program, you get access to:

  • 150K+ Salesforce customers through AppExchange, the world's leading online marketplace for enterprise cloud solutions
  • Technology through the Salesforce Platform, trusted by the world's leading organizations
  • Resources to help you grow your business, achieve scale, and potentially see long-term profitability

What kind of ROI can I expect from becoming an AppExchange ISV partner?

Many partners see incredible growth and success within our program. According to 2016 IDC research, partners (AppExchange and Consulting) can expect to see, on average, a growth rate of 48% year over year. Looking at the ROI of ISV partners who adopt the Salesforce Platform to build native solutions, a Nucleus research report found that ISVs can expect to see on average 4-10X faster product development in comparison to developing on alternative platforms.

What type of ISV Partnerships does Salesforce have?

There are two fundamental AppExchange ISV partner categories: 1) ISVforce 2) OEM. The category is largely determined by who the solution's end user is.

  • ISVforce: ISVforce solutions have a dependency on Salesforce technology (e.g., Sales and Service Cloud). ISVforce solutions must be sold to existing Salesforce users. Customers use their existing licenses to access the ISVforce solution
  • OEM: OEM solutions do not have a dependency on the core Salesforce technology, and do not need to be sold to existing Salesforce users. However, a company could be using Salesforce and a department within that organization could use the OEM solution seamlessly. OEMs deliver a Embedded Edition User License (e.g., a Salesforce License with contractual restrictions) along with the app

As an AppExchange ISV partner, will I receive Partner Account Manager (PAM) support?

AppExchange ISV partners are not guaranteed individual PAM support. Support is determined based on your individual partner agreement.


I am interested in the AppExchange Partner Program. Where is the best place to get started?

1. Join the Partner Community

2. Check out the ISV Onboarding Guide

3. Take the Trails:

What is the timeline to become a partner?

Timeline to deploy your solution in market on the AppExchange varies greatly based on when your solution is in development as well as company and technology trust requirements being met and approved by Salesforce. Average timeline is around three to six months, but could take upwards of a year based on your application development.

What are the costs of becoming a partner?

Each AppExchange ISV Partner program type has standard revenue sharing pricing models. There are costs associated with the onboarding process to ensure your technology meets trust requirements of the Salesforce Platform.


How should I determine the price for my solution?

If you are unsure about how to price your AppExchange solution, we recommend doing the following research:

  • Check out the competitors' AppExchange listing
  • Value of the functionality relative to your core offering
  • Gain feedback from beta customers on your core product

If you believe your application should be listed as “Free,” check out our partner program policy to verify that you meet the AppExchange requirements for listing as “Free.”

My solution is approved. How do I optimize the listing to drive demand?

Your AppExchange listing is your “store front.” Look at your listing from the eye of your customer. Your screenshots, especially the very first one, is prime real estate and the first thing a potential customer will see. Check out the Partner Success Basics Webinar Series to learn more.

What are the benefits of building different types of ISV Solutions?

The AppExchange is home to both horizontal and vertical solutions. When deciding what is right for your business, we recommend asking yourself: What am I solving for?

  • Are you looking to fill a niche need for someone that already uses a Salesforce product like Sales Cloud? Then you would build an ISVForce app that enhances the Salesforce customer’s use to better meet their needs. You can also create tools like templates, components, bots and data.
  • Are you looking to bring the power of your solution on the Salesforce platform to businesses or departments not currently using Salesforce? Then you would build an OEM app that leverages the Salesforce platform, but meets needs that Salesforce’s core technology currently does not.
  • Are you looking to develop an industry-focused solution? Then you can build either an ISVForce app or an OEM app.


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